Types of Heating Systems

Traditional Furnaces

Types of Heating SystemsDucts are used in a traditional heating system to bring cool air to a heating unit and then distribute warm air back into the rooms. Blowers are also used in most modern homes to help circulate the warm air through the home. Common fuels used by furnaces include electricity, coal, wood, and gas. Thermostats are often used to regulate the flow of warm air into the room and filters prevent dust from being blown through the home.

Central Heating Systems

Boilers that heat water are used by most central heating systems. A network of pipes and radiators is then used to circulate the warm water through the home. Air is warmed as it circulates around the radiator and then warms the room. There are many different fuels used by boilers including oil, electricity, and gas.

Radiant Heating Systems

 These systems can be installed either in the floor or ceiling of a building. Usually they include baseboards with electric power that are used to heat the room. Each unit has its own controls and no blowers are part of the system. These systems are usually more expensive to operate than other types of heating systems. One common application for these types of systems is to install them under concrete driveways so that snow can not build up.

Designing and Installing a Home Heating System

 It is important to pick the right type of system for your particular application. You also want to pick the best contractor for the job, as setting up a system yourself could be dangerous. A heating system is a large investment for most people so it pays to do your research and make sure you are getting the right system.

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