Using the Warmth of the Earth to Heat Your Home

Heat Your HomeGeothermal heating takes advantage of the natural warmth stored in the earth in order to heat and cool a building. Whenever the temperature above ground is greater than the temperature below ground (around 12.8 at a depth of 3 meters) geothermal heating can be used to heat a building. Geothermal energy can also be used to heat a building in colder climates. Ground source heat pumps are another commonly used name for geothermal heating units. Not only will these units save on energy costs they will reduce the total amount of emissions produce by fossil fuels.

Types of Geothermal Systems

 Closed Loop Geothermal System A loop of pipe is buried in the ground at 2 meters. Pipes can either be laid vertically or horizontally. Water mixed with anti-freeze continuously circulates through the heat exchanger or heat pump. To keep the source temperature stable a closed loop system will use a thermostat. Open Loop Geothermal System Water is drawn through a nearby well in these systems. Water is pulled through the heat pump before being released back into the well.

Advantages of Geothermal Heating

If you are looking for a natural and unlimited form of energy, look no further than geothermal. The sun constantly warms the earth, renewing this source of heat. During the warm summer months the earth releases this heat to cool down. You get an efficient heating system that uses the earths thermal energy and electricity when you use geothermal heating. You also get a system that operates with increased efficiency over traditional systems. You will also be more comfortable in the winter as the energy from the earth is even and constant. There are no flames or odors with geothermal systems, making them safe and reliable. You can use geothermal heating systems for central heat, air conditioning, and hot water. This system does not harm the air by emitting carbon dioxide.

The size of your building and the soil conditions will determine which geothermal heating and cooling system is right for you. These systems are not just for homes, but can also be installed in office complexes and schools, no matter how old the structure. Since the tubing is looped underground and the system is stored inside the system is not vulnerable to the damaging effects of winter. The system is very reliable and not prone to failure as it contains very few mechanical components.

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