Vent Covers for Your Heating System

Vent Covers for Your Heating SystemDuct systems are used to allow heated and air conditioned air to come through the walls, floors, or ceilings and into the rooms. The holes in the duct system are covered by covers for both safety and appearance. You can find simple duct covers that are very practical and a wide selection of decorative duct covers in just about any style.

Vent Designs

Vents are specifically designed to allow for the easy passage of air. Many styles contain grates and louvers. Louvers are used to adjust the flow of air into a room. You can also direct air to a particular part of the room using air deflectors. They are commonly used to push cold air up and warm air down. You can also use air deflectors to push air around cabinets and furniture for a more even temperature in the room.

Maintenance and Installation of Vent Covers

The only thing that needs to be done to install a vent cover is the installation of two screws. The job is easily done by anyone who owns a screwdriver. Vent covers will occasionally need to be cleaned using a vacuum or duster. Dust and debris can be collected below the vent cover with the use of a filter. These filters will need to be regularly replaced.

Magnetic Vent Covers

These simple to use vent covers are produced using a thin by durable magnetic sheet. You can use these covers to stop or lower air flow in a particular location. They are simple to slip on and off. You can paint or wall paper magnetic vent covers so that they practically disappear.

Styles of Vent Covers

Metal and wood are the two most common materials used for vent covers. They give the vents in our floors, walls, and ceilings a much more pleasant appearance. You can find vent covers for return vents as well as registers. There are a number of different finishes you can find on metal vent covers. While wood vent covers are more expensive than metal ones, they can be stained to exactly match your interior. Gravity is used to hold in place the covers for many floor register vents and air return vents. They need to fit well in order to stay in place. Screws are used to hold vent covers for wall and ceiling vents.

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