Why should I waterproof my basement?

waterproof basementA little moisture in your basement might not seem like a big deal to you know, but it can quickly become a very serious issue in numerous ways. Water issues in your basement can lead to health problems, structural problems with your home and decrease the actual value of your home.

Little problems now are the ones that turn in to big problems later and the longer you wait to fix these problems, the worse the problem can get and the more expensive it becomes.

If your basement has a leak or moisture problems that can lead to black mold which can then find it’s way in your ventilation system which then runs throughout your home and is the air that you and your family breath in. Mold can be very difficult and expensive to remove especially if it gets out of control.

This same moisture can weaken the foundation of your home if not corrected early on. Water can lead to a soft or weak foundation, requiring an extensive overhaul of your home.

These factors combined can quickly lead to your home losing a lot of value and even become impossible to sell until these issues are corrected. No one wants to purchase a home with a bad foundation and a mold problem. Learn more about what your basement waterproofing options are to help fix your wet basement before it gets out of hand.

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