Things You Should Know About Sylvania LED Bulbs


Are you looking for a new light bulb? Sylvania LED bulbs are the best way to go. They last up to 25 years, use less energy and produce less heat than traditional incandescent bulbs. Plus, they’re mercury-free! So if you’re ready for an upgrade, get started with this guide on how to choose the right one for your needs.

The sylvania usa LEDs will save you money in the long run and make your home more comfortable and environmentally friendly. You’ll never have to worry about replacing them again or having that harsh glare from a traditional bulb ever again! Get started today by reading our handy guide below on how to find the perfect light bulb for your needs.

Informative direction

Sylvania LEDs are an excellent energy-efficient, mercury-containing alternative to traditional incandescent bulbs that give off a harsh glare and flicker. If, for some reason, you can’t use an LED, or if you want more options, keep reading! There are other great environmentally friendly light bulbs out there.

You’ll find out what kind of bulb you need for different lighting fixtures in this guide below on how to choose the right one. Plus, we’re here to help determine the appropriate level of brightness and color to make your home comfortable and inviting!

Sylvania LED Bulbs

Those who don’t know what LED stands for are “Light Emitting Diode.”  After about 15-20 years, this is an energy-efficient bulb that has a built-in lifespan of about 50,000 hours (five times longer than CFLs). They also do not contain mercury like CFLs which makes them easy to dispose of!  The downside?  They are typically more expensive than your standard light bulbs, around $10 per bulb, depending on where you shop.  FYI they will usually last at least 2-3 years if used roughly 3 hours a day.

Here are the specs of my picks:

  • 14 watts – 450 lumens – 2700K (Warm Light)
  • 60 watts – 800 lumens – 3000K (Warm Light)
  • 60 watts – 800 lumens – 5000K (Daylight)
  • 60 watts – 800 lumens – 6500K (Cool White)

They are instant-on LEDs with no warm-up time so that it will be an immediate difference in your home.  If you’re interested in purchasing any of these bulbs, please click on the link below each picture to get more information or purchase them at home depot!

How many lumens do I need?

When you start considering replacing an old light bulb, how often have you wondered, “how many lumens do I need?” With all the choices on the shelves, it cannot be evident.

First, you need to know that a lumen is a light measurement – specifically, how a candle or other source produces much light energy.

So if your old bulb was 100W and produced 850 lumens, your new LED needs to make at least 850 lumens as well. You would think so, but unfortunately, no. It’s more complicated than that. The amount of light you need also depends on where the lamp is located and what activities will occur under its glow.

For example:

If this lamp were in the entryway and just illuminating the front door and nearby wall for security purposes, anywhere from 800-1000 lumens would be satisfactory since there isn’t much more beyond the wall.

If this lamp were in a bathroom where someone is getting ready for work and needs to apply makeup, anywhere from 1200-1500 lumens would be required since multiple tasks are taking place.

For most common fixtures such as lamps, sconces, or track lighting, you want around 800-1200 lumens of light.


Please keep in mind that these are general guidelines, and you should take other factors such as location, usage, and specific needs into consideration. Keep track of how many hours a day the light is used for, and if it’s being used to read, then bulb brightness will play a more significant role than just ambient lighting.

This article is simply a starting point to give you an idea about what kind of light you need based on your criteria.


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