Everything about T-Part Wig: Finesse Designs


Most women prefer changing their hairstyles to spice up their fashion game. Finding a wig that suits different styles can be challenging as there are many types available in the market. Changing styles can also undermine the lifespan of the wig. Additionally, buying a wide variety of wigs often to suit your different styles is costly.

You need to find a wig that can get turned into various styles without undermining its quality but still delivering a unique look. The t part wig fits the above conditions because you have the freedom to change it into any form of your liking.

The t-part wig gets made of 100% virgin human hair composed of regular full-frontal lace wigs. It features a 13 inches lace that extends from ear to ear and a 6-inch depth lace, either in the middle, left, or right. You can choose to get either straight down the middle style or to the side. To enhance your look and feel, convert your t-part wig by trying out curl, straight, or crimp finesse designs.

How to Finesse Your T-Part Wig

Finessing your t-part wig can be quite a hassle, especially if you are a beginner, because it is challenging to make it look natural. The lace looks similar to a lace frontal with less lace at the front to play with efficiently. Hence, it works like a closure. The following procedure will make your t-part wig look natural, and the best part is, it becomes straightforward when you try it several times.

First, apply your wig and ensure you match the wig part with your hair. Place an elastic band portion around your forehead, cut off excess lace and apply wig glue around the perimeter. Hide visible glue by applying a foundation beneath the hairline.

If the hairline is still visible, use a squeezer to clear the demarcation line. Afterward, lay the baby hair to help your wig, and the hair outline looks natural. Apply powder around the parting and perimeter so that everything looks like a scalp, enhancing a smooth transition from your hair to the face.

The final step is applying some gel and then using a hot comb to flatten your parting and hairline. It is a simple process, but it makes a difference your hair looks lively rather than being just flat and lifeless. After you finesse your t-par wig, you can try the curl, straight, or crimp finesse designs.

T-part Wig Pros

  • T-part wigs are cheap
  • Natural results as it features a full-front hairline section
  • Convenient styling because it arrives ready for use, and you, therefore, don’t need to sew the bundle
  • Good quality (it is made of human hairs)


  • Once you acquire the t-part wig, you can’t change the section where it gets parted.

Getting a reliable hair vendor who not only delivers quality products but avails them at affordable prices may prove to be challenging. However, Lolly Hair provides the best t-part wigs at budget-friendly prices, giving you a lifetime opportunity to dazzle.


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