Tips to Follow When Picking a Soccer Jersey


For a larger part of the population, soccer is not just a sport, it is life itself. It is something they can’t do without no matter where they are and no matter what mood they are in. For such people rocking a soccer jersey is a duty.

For some people, however, soccer isn’t such a big deal, it is just a regular game that comes to consciousness when it’s time for the World Cup. The ronaldo7 jersey is especially popular among fans.

If you’re thinking of buying this jersey, this article will help.

Want to Rock on a Soccer Jersey? Here Are Things to Lookout For

A part of the small population discussed above although not fans of soccer fancies wearing soccer jerseys for several reasons. This guide provides vital information on the things you should know before rocking your soccer jersey.

1. Go for what looks good on you

If you are going to rock on a jersey outfit, go for a color and style that looks good on you. The good thing about not being a fan of any club is that your choices are not limited. You don’t have to be stuck with a jersey you don’t like simply because it is your club’s jersey.

Be like Drake who seems to be tied down with a Juventus jersey. It is not like he is the biggest Juventus fan around, but he wears this particular jersey because it looks cool on him. Once you find a beautiful one that looks good on you then you are on your way to rocking it big time.

2. Buy a replica version

The original version of jerseys worn by athletes on the field is usually form-fitting. If you are not a professional athlete with a great body build, you might not want to wear this. Even if you have a nice shape, very tight jerseys just don’t look great with street clothes.

Most jerseys are made with polyester fabric and a super tight polyester T-shirt is not something you might want to try out. Instead of those tight ones, get a replica version that wouldn’t be so tight. Aside from the fact that loose jerseys look better on everyone, replicas are not as expensive as on-field versions.

3. Wear it casually

This means keeping it simple and less formal. With a nice pair of jeans and neat sneakers, you are good to go. Wearing a soccer jersey on pressed pants with a pair of tassel loafers just doesn’t sound right, neither does it look good.

Many modern soccer jerseys are high-tech fabrics with corporate logos. If you don’t fancy this look you can go for a vintage jersey. Vintage jerseys have less complex designs, hence it is easier to achieve a simple look with them. Additionally, vintage jerseys come in more comfy cotton material.

How Much Does Soccer Jerseys Cost?

A nice soccer jersey doesn’t cost as much. For as little as $12 you could get one for yourself. The more expensive ones range from $25 – $30. Several options also exist for wholesale purchases. You can buy in larger quantities at a cheaper price and resale for profits.


While the game of soccer itself isn’t for everyone, you must admit that everyone always wants to have something nice to wear. Soccer Jerseys are not just cool on everyone, they are easy to wear and suitable for various occasions.


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