5 Reasons Why Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Are So Expensive

Lace Front Wigs Human Hair

Lace front wigs are the craze right now because they are versatile and easy to style. Most ladies prefer to have a human hair lace front wig because it looks natural and lasts longer. If you love wigs or recently bought one, for example, a ginger lace front wig, you might have noticed that they don’t come cheap.

So, why do you need to dig deeper into your pockets when purchasing a human hair lace front wig? Human hair wigs justify being expensive for various reasons, which this article is going to delve into. The following are the reasons:

1. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Are Made From High-Quality Natural Hair

A good lace front wig is made from high-quality natural hair. The strands are carefully chosen from healthy hair that owners shave off and sell for different reasons. Human hair is superior to any synthetic strands manufactured from plastics or acrylics that mimic it, hence the higher cost. The hair is carefully cut at the same root level and processed using various chemicals to arrive at the finished product.

2. They Undergo a Rigorous Manufacturing Process

By the time a human hair lace front wig gets to the shelf of a retail store, it must have undergone a difficult manufacturing routine. The process is difficult because it entails making individual knots on the lace front cap to mimic how natural hair strands appear on a human scalp. It takes a keen professional eye to knot thousands of hair strands properly onto a wig cap without leaving any gaps. Hence, manufacturing such wigs is expensive and time-consuming.

3. Human Hair Lace Front Wigs Give a More Natural Look

No wig looks more natural than a quality human hair wig. A good wig looks natural because it has a lace front that is individually plucked to have a natural-looking hairline. When you wear the wig, it will take people several looks to determine if you are wearing a lace front wig or your natural hair. The more natural a wig appears, the more expensive it is likely to be.

4. Human Hair Wigs Are Long Lasting

A good human hair wig should last you comparatively longer than a synthetic wig. Human hair wigs last longer because the strands are made of protein, therefore last longer. Protein strengthens human hair, making it more enduring to heat styling and, by default, making your wig last for long periods.

5. Lace Front Wigs Are Versatile

The lace front on a human hair wig makes it easy to style into different hairstyles without appearing fake. You can part the wig wherever you like while maintaining a natural look. Also, if you have a darker skin tone and can’t find a lace front matching your skin color, you can dye it or apply foundation to the lace.


Human hair lace front wigs are very expensive, and rightfully so. The high cost of the wigs comes from the quality and versatility that they offer to the people who buy them. Consider buying a quality lace front wig if you want a wig that will last you for quite some time.


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